It was supposed to be for better or worse till death do you part but it seems your happily ever after has come crashing down and now you see yourself separated from the one you love. Do you just give up and accept things the way they are even when deep down in your heart you hope he comes back.


The distance during separation makes the couples actually realise that they miss each other and this could change their feelings for one another positively. In many instances the separation is usually initiated by one of the couples with the other party accepting it rather than getting a divorce with the hope that they can make the marriage work.


The following will help you with the process of getting him back:

First you have to give him time: This is time for him to figure out his feelings. Time will help him to think and figure things out. Do not press or push to know if he misses you because that would make him feel like you are rushing him and he would avoid you as much as possible. He begins to develop positive thoughts about you and then he might begin to miss you.


Develop yourself: Don’t just sit back and hope that he comes back to you. Try and take up new interests, develop yourself positively and find yourself. Contact him via social media: Technology has taken over our planet today. People now reach out through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. You can keep things causal and flirtatious via emails and chats.


Initiate contact: After you have given him his time and space, you can reach out and communicate with him. Do not be the only one trying to reach out if not communication will be one sided. Reach out just a little and see if he reaches out to you too. Do not go out of your way trying to gush out your feelings of how much you miss him. It would make you look desperate and he would avoid you.