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Adam Smith is an Interior Designer and a Content Writer. He graduated from the Denmark's International Design School in 1999. He is the author of various writes ups used as guides to teach home owners on the right designs for their homes. As a man who loves the Arts, he believes beauty can be found in the ordinary things.  He explores the language of handy objects and experiments with materials to create beauty.

Sarah May is a licensed Psychology, a Motivational Speaker and Marriage Counsellor. She has been a Marriage Counsellor for over 25 years. She graduated at Harvard Medical School as Psychologist. She has given help to so many couples experiencing issues with their relationships and marriages. She has authored best -selling on marriages in the last decade. Sarah holds monthly seminars for women to build their careers and manage their relationships. She also hosts several radio talk shows on marriages.


Adam Thompson is a relationship coach with almost a decade of practice behind him. His work has featured in various media platforms. Adam has written several e-books on Amazon and he has worked with over a thousand clients in the past decade. He is deeply passionate about ensuring people have sustainable relationships and fulfilling love lives. He is also a lover of animals and loves to take time to appreciate nature when he isn’t occupied with counselling responsibilities.